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Introducing Treasure Island WiFi: Affordable And Convenient

At Treasure Island Mobile Home & RV Park, we pride ourselves on offering high-speed, low-cost internet options that cater to the needs of our long-term residents. Our exclusive partnership with Kwikbit ensures that our guests have access to next-generation high-speed internet that is affordable and easy to set up.

With our WiFi, you can enjoy a seamless and uninterrupted internet connection without breaking the bank. For only $50 per month (plus taxes), you can have all the speed you need to handle bandwidth-intensive activities such as remote work, video conferencing, gaming, and streaming. And the best part? Our pricing is transparent, with no hidden costs or bundled services that you don’t need.

Setting up Treasure Island WiFi is a breeze. Our plug-and-play system allows you to easily connect your RV to the provided Wi-Fi access point using an ethernet cable. Say goodbye to complicated installations and hello to instant connectivity.

How Does Our High-Speed Internet Compare To Starlink WiFi?

Starlink has garnered significant attention in recent times due to its promise of revolutionizing internet connectivity, especially in rural and remote areas. Powered by Elon Musk’s SpaceX, Starlink utilizes a constellation of low earth orbit (LEO) satellites to provide internet access.

However, when it comes to speed, price, and reliability, Treasure Island WiFi outshines Starlink. Starlink comes with a substantial upfront cost of $600 for the equipment and a minimum monthly service fee of $120 for residential use (fixed location) or $150 per month for the roaming package. Not to mention, Starlink WiFi speeds have been deteriorating with time. But don’t just take our word for it; listen to what Joe Costello, CEO and founder of Kwikbit Internet, has to say:

“There is no comparison in speed and price between Starlink and Kwikbit. Kwikbit offers 875 Mbps down and 875 Mbps up for $50/month with zero installation or equipment charge. The Starlink average data rates in the US have been dropping steadily and are now 67 Mbps down and 8 Mbps up. Kwikbit is 13 times faster down and 110 times faster up for just a 1/3 of the monthly price and $600 savings upfront. There is no comparison for a Treasure Island resident.”

Additionally, weather fluctuations have been shown to impact connectivity for Starlink users, which may interrupt your service during critical periods.

Experience A Seamless Internet Connectivity At Treasure Island

At Treasure Island Mobile Home & RV Park, our focus is on providing quality, convenience, and affordability. Our ready-to-use internet gives you “all the speed you need” without a hefty price tag. 

Plus, with our plug-and-play system, you can set up your internet connection on the same day as your arrival. No need to wait or deal with complex installations. We’ve made it simple for you to stay connected during your stay at our RV park.

Our dedicated high-speed internet is perfect for long-term residents, ensuring they stay connected at all times without having to pay exorbitant charges. This includes those residing in park model RVs, park model homes, and park model mobile homes within our RV park in San Francisco.

So, if you’re looking for a reputable RV park in San Francisco that offers hassle-free, high-speed internet at pocket-friendly rates, look no further than Treasure Island Mobile Home & RV Park.

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