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Affordable access has always been of utmost importance to the management of Treasure Island Mobile Home & RV Park, keeping our rates extremely competitive while offering a premium experience for both workers and visitors. Now, we’re proud to offer our long-term residents another kind of affordable access to a premium experience with our exclusive pricing on next generation high speed internet from Kwikbit. Keeping with the leading edge technologies which literally define the tech capitol that is the San Francisco Bay Area, Treasure Island has distinguished itself as the first Mobile Home and RV Park in California to bring this cutting edge technology to its residents.

Kwikbit’s high speed (Broadband) internet is available at a base rate of only $50 per month (plus taxes) to TI’s residents. Not a teaser rate or a subscription which requires other unwanted (bundled) services of hidden costs, Kwikbit is “all the speed you need” to handle the bandwidth demands for video conferencing, remote learning, gaming, multiple concurrent users, and more! To take advantage of this great high speed internet deal or to learn more, click HERE.

With a 24 month contract, Kwikbit’s $50 a month high speed service includes all equipment, installation, and service. Kwikbit’s elegant solution installs in just minutes through wireless radio hubs which pick up where fiber internet lets off, transmit wirelessly to small receiving radio installed/affixed to the individual mobile homes or RVs. From the radio, an ethernet drop will be run into the unit and the system includes a router to distribute through the unit. 

When our residents depend on high speed internet for things as important as work, learning, and entertainment, Treasure Island doesn’t want them limited by overpriced bundles with insufficient upload speeds and over subscribed downloads. We’re pleased to be the first to bring this nextgen offering to our residents.


Frequently Asked Questions

How fast is Kwikbit?
Kwikbit services plans start at 50 Mbps (up to 50 Mbps download and up to 50 Mbps upload speeds). This Kwikbit starter plan offers 5X the upload of speed of typical cable broadband “gigabit” plans

Why are upload speeds important?
Today’s applications, e.g. Zoom, require significant upload capacity to perform

Does Kwikbit’s solution include any bundled content or hidden fees?
No. This is pure, high speed broadband only. No bundled services (e.g. phone, TV, voice) or hidden fees.

How is Kwikbit’s broadband so affordable?
Kwikbit’s next generation technology, Broadband 2.0, is a wireless solution which eliminates significant deployment and infrastructure costs.

How is the service delivered and installed?
Kwikbit is an elegant solution which installs in less than 1 hour- a small radio is affixed to customers rooftop with an ethernet cable running down into the home which can either attach to a computer or Wi-Fi router

Does Kwikbit’s solution require a contract or security deposit?
Yes. There is a 24 month contract and $150 security deposit for the equipment.

What type of customer support can I expect?
Kwikbit provides technical support via email and phone

How will I be billed and charged for the service?
100% paperless billing to customer’s email. Automation payment process by either credit, debit, or ACH.

Dreaming Of Owning A Mobile Home In South San Francisco?

If you’re ready to get started with Kwikbit’s internet but if you don’t have your mobile home yet, Treasure Island Mobile Home and RV Park in partnership with Advantage Homes offers move-in-ready mobile home units. There are units available now and units in the works which will be available soon. We’re proud to offer affordable housing in the San Francisco area, with appliances like refrigerators and full gas range, and features like linen storage, Corian counters, and hookups for stackable laundry units. 

Treasure Island Mobile Home & RV Park offers the ideal long term stay for those seeking supreme convenience in South San Francisco.

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