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RV & Mobile Home Application

Please complete ALL sections of the application and attach all of the items listed below. Incomplete applications or applications without the following items will not be processed. Please note that anyone 18 years of age or older must fill out an application.

  • PhotoID(governmentissued)
  • Social Security Card
  • Proof of income
  • Applicationfeeof$35.00(moneyorderorcheckonly)

Completed applications can be returned to the office between the hours of 9am - 5pm or can be emailed to, If you have any questions regarding the application please feel free to contact us for assistance.


Treasure Island Mobile Home & RV Park

1690 El Camino Real South San Francisco, CA 94080
Phone: (650) 731-6049
Fax: (650) 992-8140


(Separate Application Form Required For Each Person Desiring Residency)



Application for:

Applicant Name:
Date of Application:

I wish to apply:

Jointly with:

Present Street Address:

City, State, Zip Code:

Social Security Number:

Date Of Birth:



Driver’s License No /State Issued:

Driver’s License Image:

Name(s) of Other Person(s) Who Will Be Occupying Homesite:


Current Landlord/Mortgage Company:




Monthly Rent/Mortgage Payment:

Prior Landlord/Mortgage Company:




Monthly Rent/Mortgage Payment:

Have you ever been asked to terminate your residency or have you ever been evicted?:
If Yes:

Have you ever lived in a mobilehome or RV park before?: If Yes:


Income Source Name:




Gross Monthly Income:

Immediate Supervisor:

How Long?:

Other Income Source/Type, If Not Employed, describe:

Income Verification Documents:

VEHICLES (list only those vehicles that will be on the property)

Number of Autos:

Number of Boats:


Please provide complete descriptions of all vehicles:




Person(s) To Be Notified In Case Of Emergency (Other Than Co-Resident):

Contact List:


If you have any dogs and/or cats, please provide the following information:


Sizes & Dimensions Are Critical To Determining The Required RV Space Size. Please DO NOT Rely On Your Paperwork, You May Need To Take Measurements

Make & Model:

RV Type (travel trailer, 5th wheel, motorhome):

Gross Size Length:

Width (with ALL slides open):

Number Slideouts Driver Side:

Number Slideouts Passenger Side:


Breaker Size:

License/Decal No:

Serial Number:

Financed By:

Current Location:

Legal Owner Name/Address:

Registered Owner Name/Address:

Junior Lienholder Name/Address (if any):


The Undersigned requests the management to check the above credit references and representations. The undersigned acknowledges that in the event a rental or registration agreement is executed by both management and the undersigned, it is subject to approval by the management of the undersigned’s mobilehome or recreational vehicle as provided in the Rental Agreement.

The undersigned acknowledges incomplete applications may not be reviewed; In the event that any of the above information contained within the application cannot be verified by management, the application is considered incomplete and its review will remain pending until all information is submitted and/or verified.

The undersigned understands that in the event that any of the above information cannot be verified by the management of the Park, the management of the Park has the right to deny the application. The undersigned further understands that the Prospective Resident(s) shall have no right of tenancy until a Rental Agreement (Mobilehome park) or Registration Agreement (RV Park) has been signed by the Park management and the prospective resident(s).

The undersigned hereby authorizes Treasure Island Mobilehome & RV Park to obtain a credit report based upon the information provided in the undersigned’s Application for Tenancy, and to share any necessary personal information from the undersigned’s Application documents with any credit reporting agency or their affiliates.


Applicant Signature:

Treasure Island Mobilehome & RV Park

1690 El Camino Real South San Francisco, CA 94080
(650) 994-3266



All applicants will be treated equally. We do not deny people a rental space because of race, color, ancestry, national origin, religion, sex, marital status, age, sexual orientations, source of income, political affiliation or disabilities. All persons wishing to obtain rental rights at Treasure Island RV and Mobile Home Park (TIMHP) must complete an application, and provide written authorization to complete a credit check and a verification of income and rental history. All applicants for tenancy must be the prospective registered owner of the mobilehome or recreational vehicle (RV). Applicants must plan to establish the home being purchased or RV owned as their primary residence.

Note: The Applicant should carefully read the General Qualification Standards below and present Management with any and all documents to assist Management in determining whether the Applicant has the financial ability to pay the rent and charges of TIMHP.

All Applicants, including Applicants who have inherited the home, must meet the following General Qualification Standards:

1. AGE Applicants must be at least eighteen (18) years of age or an emancipated minor to create a tenancy in an all age community.

2. INCOME Applicants must have a total collective verifiable gross monthly income of at least two and one half times (2.5x) the monthly space rent amount. Income from joint applicants will be combined for this part of the application.

3. PROOF OF INCOME Independent documentation of income must accompany the application by providing income verification from the most recent 90-day pay period such as pay-stubs, Social Security Statement of Benefits, pension benefits or statements of interest income. Bank Statements may be requested to verify credits made to the applicant’s account. Please note that overtime pay and bonuses may not be considered as income if they cannot be documented as regular and ongoing.

Self-Employed Applicants must provide independently verifiable documentation of net income. We do not consider business gross income as personal income. An example of independent documentation would be a profit and loss statement or other net income statement by a certified accountant or bookkeeper who can verify the information provided in the statement. For mobilehome park applicants only, we are prohibited from requesting tax returns per Civil Code Section 798.74 (a). However, applicants may voluntarily provide tax returns and provide a signed acknowledgement that the park did not request your tax returns. Other helpful documentation are bank statements and investment statements to the extent they support (or are supported by) other income verification documentation. The key is for us to obtain financial documentation that can be verified.


CREDIT Treasure Island MH & RV Park uses Experian for all applicant credit screening. Applicants must have a good credit history. Applicants with credit reports showing poor credit, collections, evictions, foreclosures or bankruptcy may be denied.

CREDIT SCREENING FEES A credit report for all applicants will be required. TIMHP will impose a $35.00 screening fee per application for RV park applications. For mobilehome park residencies, credit screening fees are refundable under specific circumstances pursuant to the Provisions of Civil Code Section 798.74 (b).

APPLICATION PROCESS Mobilehome Residency Law allows Management fifteen (15) working days from the date that the application package is complete and all required documents have been received to review applications. The same guidelines will be used for RV park applicants. For mobilhome park applicants, pursuant to Civil Code Section 798.74 (a), all approval and denials are in writing as State law requires. NO verbal approval or denials can or will be given nor will telephone inquiries serve to speed up the process.

PROOF OF IDENTIFICATION All applicants must provide a current government issued photo ID AND original Social Security card; applications submitted without these are considered incomplete and may not be reviewed.

An application will automatically be denied for any of the following reasons:

a. Credit Reports containing Evictions, foreclosures or other documentation demonstrating that the applicant will not comply with reasonable Park Rules.

b. Inability to meet the monthly financial obligations or comply with reasonable park rules.

c. Applications containing false, misleading or missing information are considered incomplete and may not be processed until corrected by applicant.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT-Guarantors, co-signers, on behalf of Applicant(s). We do not rent to businesses or entities, individuals ONLY

These standards are applied to all applications for tenancy, and all must be met in order for approval to be given. It is strongly suggested that the Applicant(s) and their agents determine whether these standards can be met before applications are submitted in order to avoid delay and potential disappointment.

Please note: This document is intended as a guideline for qualification purposes and may be changed or modified upon the discretion of Ownership at any given time.

By signing below you acknowledge having received this document.

Prospective Resident:

Prospective Resident:

Prospective Resident:

Prospective Resident:


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