All stays over 30 days require applying and being approved for park residency. We do not permit “drive out and drive back in” maneuvers to avoid applying for residency. Maximum short-term stay without benefit of applying for residency is 28 days.

We require applications from all adults, emancipated minors and/or spouses – everyone that intends to reside here must apply. We do not accept co-signers, guarantors or prepaid rent in lieu of residency applications.

We conduct a credit screening, verify your ability to pay the rent and utility charges and conduct an eviction records search.

Rental rates can be found on the Rates tab of our website, be sure you have the full length of your RV, for example a 30’ RV is sometimes actually 32’ – 34’ when counting the entire length of the RV, take the time to measure it tip to toe. Application approval includes approval of the RV, if you don’t already own an RV but intend to purchase one, you will be able to get “credit and income” qualified before making the purchase

We collect a security deposit, in most cases $750, depending on the credit screening results.

Applications are available in our offices during normal business hours hours. They can also be sent by USPS mail or email by clicking here: Application Request

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